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The best roller coasters in Central Florida

Seaworld® new Pipeline coaster


Feel the power of the Pacific right here in Florida.
Letthe waves launch you on a one-of-a-kind ocean adventure.

Seaworld® Icebreaker image

Ice Breaker™

This brand new roller coaster features four airtime filled launches, both backwards and forwards, culminating in a reverse launch into the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida - a 93 feet tall spike with 100 degree angle.


Born from tales that struck terror in sailors for centuries, SeaWorld Orlando's mighty Kraken® is a monster coaster like no other.


Ride Mako®, a hyper coaster known for high speeds, deep dives, and thrills around every turn.


Find out what it’s like to spin, glide, skim and fly like a giant ray when you experience the only flying roller coaster of its kind in Florida.

Journey to Atlantis®

Water ride enthusiasts are in for a thrill as this mythical paradise reveals its darker side.

Infinity Falls®

Experience world-class rapids and the tallest drop in Florida as you embark on this rafting adventure.

Also, enjoy animal presentations at
Sea Lion & Otter Stadium and Orca Encounter!

Sea Lion & Otter Stadium®

An all-new educational and funny presentation featuring California sea lions and Asian small-clawed otters.

Orca Encounter®

See killer whales live in an inspiring presentation featuring the ocean’s most powerful predator.

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